Hair: Afro Need a Rest? Try This Easy Yet Elegant Mini Bun Twist!

Twists 2

Everyone knows I LURVES my big, fat ‘fro, but sometimes I need a rest. This week Maxi Me was sick with the trifecta: strep throat, an ear infection and pink eye. Yes, that can really happen. I was running back and forth to the clinic and pharmacy, busing the little ones all over town for soccer practice and…and…and…

With all the work the idea of “instant hair,” without need of untwisting and afro picking is appealing during times like these. So I thought I’d revisit mini twists after a very VERY long sabbatical in which I’d SWORN I’d never do again. Do me a favor. Never listen to me when I say stuff like that. Last I wrote I was totally against them because of the horrible knots and breakage I was getting. But I’ve adapted the styling routine that works a bit better for me so I’m going to share it with my fellow fine-haired girls.

Major change: Twisting on damp, nearly dry hair.

I’m finding that if I proceed this way, the twists are much fuller. Prior to twisting I make sure I have a good amount of leave in conditioner. In the style above, I washed with WEN Fig Cleansing Conditioner and used it again as a leave-in conditioner, which gave me amazing slip. I followed up with their seasonal treatment oil and put my hair in a ponytail do it could stretch a little bit while it dries. Once in a ponytail, I rubbed a little of Alterna Caviar Re-Texturizing Cream to help prevent breakage. (If you have weak hair, hands down the Alterna Caviar line is THE BEST out there. Google for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.)

Here's a close-up. See the shine? Me likey.

Here’s a close-up. See the shine? Me likey.

When my hair is damp-dry, I spritzed a little WEN Replenishing Treatment Mist and Fig Styling Creme on each small section of hair before I twisted. I also DID NOT feed a skinny hair section into another–I kept both pieces separate. In the past I would compensate and intermixed the sections, which led to terrible tangling. Keep those two strand twists separate!!


I’m actually really impressed with the way my hair is responding to WEN. However, I found the deep conditioner (not pictured) to be a bit of an under performer. Perhaps because I used it as a pre-poo treatment. I’ll try it again after a shampoo and heat to see if my opinion changes.

You can twist in any direction that works for your face, but I thought I’d try this style with a slight part in the middle, and then I just curled  the few twists I left outside of the bun with magnetic rollers. The rest was just pulled up into a ponytail and pinned into a bun. If you don’t have the length or volume, add a bun ring. Sally’s has them in a variety of sizes based on the length of your hair. Even Marshall’s is selling them–buns all the rage this season.

A fine-haired girl’s best friend…


A view from the back…

Twists 1

I’m currently on Day Three, and I’m honestly not sure how long it will last, but I’m hoping to go a week. I just keep my hair in the bun, spritz a little WEN Replenishing Spray in and wrap it up in a scarf and put rollers in the front. That way if I have to go to Emergency in the middle of the night because Maxi has coughed up a lung, I will only have a few minor adjustments to be the hottest mom in the sick house.

But believe me, I’m not expert! If ya’ll have links to other creative two-strand twist styles, by all means, pass it along!!



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