Halle Ordered to Pay $16K a Month in Child Support. Is it Fair?

Trending right now is the unusual court decision handed down that Halle Berry pay her daughter’s father, Gabriel Aubrey, $16,000 per month in child support in a joint custody arrangement. And I see some women on my timeline kinda pissed off about it.

Bottom line, as a working model, Gabriel Aubrey’s income isn’t even in the same solar system as Halle, who has been making movies in Hollywood for over 20 years. And you know what? It’s fair. We talk about feminism being about equality and moving more toward a gender-neutral society, this court ruling is a likely result of that theory in practice. The judge didn’t care one wit that the man in the relationship made less money. While Gabriel probably isn’t living the life of a pauper, he’s probably not living the jet setting lifestyle of his ex. Plus having seen him in real life, dude really isn’t at the top of his game shape-wise. I doubt his calendar is overflowing with gigs.

Oh and another thing–I don’t believe for one second that Gabriel Aubrey called Halley the n-word. What I suspect was that Halle wasn’t counting on Gabriel not only sticking around to raise his daughter, but having the gall to legally (and physically) fight for her. Halle’s father didn’t bother to stick around, and I’m sure there’s some psychological stuff going on there, and I’m hoping out loud that she’s not trying to impose her pain onto Nahla. It sounds crazy, but some mothers really can be jealous of their daughter’s relationship with their father, especially if the mother’s father abandoned her. Trust me. I know from first-hand experience.

Like I’ve mentioned, I happened to be in a cabana right next to Gabriel, Nahla and an unknown woman who had about three kids with her during Easter break. Gabriel was completely focused on Nahla and the other kids. He swam with them, playfully threw them into the pool, played ping pong…the kids were literally chanting his name. I’ll admit he was kinds of a douche to the adults around him, but her was amazing with the kids.


Gabriel supervising the children while they swam


Nahla taking a break from swimming to munch on lunch

I know a lot of you guys here are Team Halle, but frankly, I’m Team Nahla.

*By the way, these images are my property. No swiping without permission, ummkay?

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