What the Cuss?

Harriet Tubman Sex Video is Also a Slap in Face for Black Women/White Men Relationships

I was asked about three times to weigh in on the now infamous Harriet Tubman sex tape, in which You Tube stars with the blessing of Russel Simmons depict Tubman tricking the slave master into thinking that she actually enjoys their “special time together,” giving strong allusions that black female slaves like her really enjoyed their brutal rapes.


What in all God’s green cusses…

I was glad to see that this pile of donkey dung was flagged by the NAACP, who called Simmons personally as asked that he take down the video, which he did. But not before making a big deal about how he’s NEVER taken down ANY other video EVER before, but since the NAACP asked nicely…

But one aspect of the video that I don’t see addressed is how this depiction of Harriet Tubman “relishing” in the sexual overtures of her slave master reflects upon black women who swirl with white men. Black women dating and marrying white men often get, “You’re the bed wench of the slave master!” The video depiction of Tubman and “the master” mirrors the contemporary accusation that black women with white men hate themselves and have some malignant form of Stockholm Syndrome. It also reduces the white men who love, date and marry black American women to moustachioed fiends just looking to live out their master/slave fantasies.

Perhaps Priscilla Lalisse-Jespersen said it best…

But does he really “get” it and “respect it”? Shouldn’t he have realized that his video would only eternalize certain stereotypes, such as women using sex to get what they want? Does he now understand that his parody of Harriet Tubman terribly insults her and every other woman who has had to deal with sexual exploitation? How many thousands of women were subjected to rape and harassment throughout slavery? How many are subjected today?

Like I’ve said time and time again, unless your date is over 150 years old, she WAS NOT A SLAVE, and he WAS NOT A SLAVE MASTER. No individuals should be held hostage to a history in which they can not change and are not personally responsible for. Those who attempt such guilt trips are just trying to control you.

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