Head-To-Toe Holiday Ready. Are You?


I recently did a photo shoot for a project that I’m dying to tell you about but can’t just yet. I’m sharing (some) of them with you because it’s the holidays and time to step your best foot forward. After all, many a relationship has been formed underneath the mistletoe. At 40 and 1/2 years old, I have to pay special attention to care of my mind, body and spirit, because I plan to be the most beautiful 100-year-old corpse the world has ever seen.

I don’t roll out of bed looking like this, and since a lot of you asked me about my routine when I first posted these on my Facebook page, I’m going to share it with you. I don’t believe in keeping secrets when it comes to swapping beauty secrets.

My hair…



This is a simple twist-out, parting my hair in eight sections, applying Ouidad Curl Defining Styling Souffle to moisturize the section, twist, and then curl with soft rollers overnight. In the morning, I carefully untwist each section and separate the curls and then pick it out to achieve the desired volume. Finally, I pin the sides up with bobby pins. For my twist-out tutorial, click here.

My Face…



I’m a mess at most things, but meticulous about caring for my aging skin. I’ll pay extra to keep it looking good, because it’s the only face I’ll ever have.  I’ve recently incorporated additional treatments into my skin care regimen to exfoliate my skin so it continues to have a glow. I don’t believe in applying makeup over blemishes, so I’m really careful about keeping my skin clean and clear.

The night before the photo shoot, I cleansed with my standby, IS Clinical Daily Cleanser and then followed up with NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment. It’s formulated to address multiple skin concerns at once–fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, enlarged pores, and uneven skin texture. You apply 4-5 pumps while your skin is still damp and then keep it on overnight and rinse in the morning. Then I moisturize with Korean-made Amarte Wonder Cream. What it’s used for:Mushroom extracts reduce freckles and age spots while retinol increases cell turnover. Peptides suppress excess melanin production and mastic oil reduces inflammation. Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals as it evens out skin tone for a radiant, rejuvenated appearance.

Makeup: For this look I used mostly SMASHBOX “The Master Class” palette.

SMASHBOX Photo Finish Primer

SMASHBOX BB Cream (Dark)

EYES: MAC “Indianwood” as primer, and primary color; SMASHBOX “Ultramarine” blended in outer corner and “Blackout” on the edge to smoke out the eye.

Cheeks: SMASHBOX mix of “Warm Apricot” and “Geranium”

I went nude on the lips because my eyes were so dramatic. I’m wearing NARS “Pago Pago” lipstick and topped it with “Gold Digger,” a gloss.

My Legs:


Most people know that you need to exfoliate your face, but it’s an absolute necessity to slough off dead skin all over your body. I regularly use AmLactin, one of the only body lotions with exfoliating ingredients. It’s hard to find, but I was lucky to find a bottle at CVS. If you don’t have it local, visit the site here. This stuff works REALLY well to get rid of “elephant skin” around the elbows, knees, ankles and heels. To get that shine, I applied Supermodel Legs, by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. It’s like spray-on tan, and one dark skin, it just makes you look like a bronze goddess.
The Dress:


The design is by ALEXIS, and I bought it on Hautelook. It took me a good while to fit into this, because I KNOW it’s made for skinny white women with no ass to speak of. This is a size medium, and I’m usually a small. Something told me to buy bigger, and I’m glad I did. Shoes are from Cole Haan.

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