Healthy Hair Challenge Update: Bunning It Until the Book Comes Out.

I’m not showing a length check in this update because I’m laying off the heat until mid May, when Simon & Schuster releases the kraken. It’s hard to tell if it’s grown, but as long as I’m breathing (and even after) I know it is, but I’m increasingly concerned about the ends popping off. There’s not a lot, but more than a little. They’re also not huge, mid-shaft breaks–just the tips. But still…

I think there’s two things happening. Numero uno: The tips are old and want to see Jesus. Numero dos: Ample amounts of moisture, but too little protein. To be honest, I hate protein conditioners though. All strength and no moisture, so I end up have to condition twice. So I’ve employed the use of a leave-in conditioner with keratin and amino acids, and my ends have cut back on committing suicide. I’m still using Belegenza Grow Out shampoo, because with all the creams and oils and (egad!) ‘cones I’m putting in, I need my hair clean, but not stripped. I’m also finding that my hairs lurvs it some argon oil, and it worked as a great sealant and hair softener. Stuff works right on impact.

I’ve also started taking supplements, like collagen, keratin, spirulina, and my old stand-by, MSM.

Here’s the protein sprays I’m using, but I’m open to other’s suggestions. I’m note yet married to either of them:

Korres Almond Protein Leave-On Conditioner (currently only available in the UK). It’s good for twists, but otherwise, it leaves my hair too heavy and somewhat hard.

Pureology Colour Max (my hair isn’t “coloured,” but I like that the second ingredient is keratin. It works okay.

For those of you growing out your hair along with me, how’s things going? What the heck are you using?


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