“Help! I’m Worried About Penis Size. Should I Stop Dating Black Women Altogether?!”

I know the folks here have this one, so I’m going to post the question and let you take it away. Be gentle. šŸ˜‰

Good morning, my name is “Jack.”Ā  To start, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this. I have had one past relationship with a Jamaican woman for a couple of years. I met a black female a couple of weeks ago and we have been on two dates so far. We both enjoyed each other’s time very much. We are going on a third dateĀ this Friday. Now a quick background of me 26 years old and white while she is 29 years old, black, and has one child. Of course my curiosity got the best of me and asked if she had ever dated a white guy before. She replied no which surprised me. Now unfortunately I have that fear stated in your article last year about size. She was surprised that i could dance and kiss well which annoyed me slightly but at the same time glad I could i clear up that stereotypical department. So now comes my unfortunate shallow notion about if I’d be adequate enough for her considering she has had one child and only dated black men. I’m considering on cutting ties with her after this date to avoid any awkwardness. She is fairly short about 5 ft so maybe that plays in my favor and my last gf never complained and was satisfied thoroughly (not being able to get up/ pass out i think are good signs). I feel like I’m gonna get the typical answer its not all about size and there are other ways to please a woman and yada yada yada. Is there any way to tell if she needs a significantly large member or is it best to stop dating black women altogether?

Man measuring his penis size with measurement tape

BB&W men, please help ya brother out…

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