Black Women's Improvement Project (BWIP)

Here to Dress YOU…Miss Shabby Apple Herself!

I’m as tickled as pink pig. I’m smiling so hard my cheekbones look like apples. Shabby Apples.

If you’ve been reading this blog this century, you probably know how much I love Athelia Woolley’s creations and her website. It has always, ALWAYS, been difficult to find dresses that look good on me, as I am juuuust a few inches away from being the size of those little clowns that pack themselves into a tiny car at the circus. But the “Shop By Body Type” feature on Shabby Apple has unleashed my inner goddess, and I can rock the hay-ell out of a dress now. Smooches, Athelia.

Lucky for you, I like to share addiction–erhm—I mean, information. And Athelia has so graciously agreed to PERSONALLY dress you according to your body type. AND! the dress she chooses, one lucky member of the BB&W crew gets to keep it!

Hold on…back up. Before you all start acting all Black Friday on me, to make things fair and square, I’ll start the contest at 12 PM (PST)/ 2PM (mountain whatever)/ 2PM (EST). I will list a series of four questions about the blog. Whoever answers first gets dressed. Hint: The questions are about a series of “firsts” on this blog.

* sorry my overseas readers, this is for ladies in the contenental U.S. Geez…I gotta get a hook up in Europe for ya’ll!

See you again at 12/2/3 PM!

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