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Hesitant to Holla: Jordan Harbinger Explains.

We can get into some lively debates over here, and I’ll admit, sometimes ya’ll get my ‘pressa’ up. And like Crazy Aunt Ethel, you’re practically family, so I have to love you anyway.

My inner journalist is always careful not to assume stuff, so I often get experts who are way smarter than me to speak on things like, what guys think, how they think it, why they think it, and what the heck we should do with that information.

So I got my buddy Jordan Harbinger, co-founder of the Art of Charm (which is basically a gonad-growing company) to talk to us about why some non-black men are scared to approach. See; I come through on my promises.

Jordan got to the “why,” of the matter, but didn’t much get into what women should do with this information. My guess it will be different from person to person, but it’s probably worth exploring and gathering more info so the book can be more kick-arse than it’s already going to be.

WAIT! But Jordan was so cool as to lend some actionable advice, so your brain won’t explode trying to dissect cues or consult body language experts.

Basically, what female readers can do is start to put themselves in the shoes of men. Not that they should actually DO anything different.

As for the MEN, they need to realize that the fear of rejection and ego is what’s keeping them from success.

If they need a push, the best thing they can do is educate themselves on how to push themselves.

We have the free audio at for the guys. Female fans love it but their biggest challenge is ALWAYS getting their male friends to accept the advice.
The ones who succeed are the guys who start by listening to the audio and then gradually apply what they’re learning.

For the guys (and girls) who want to get schooled personally by Jordan, click here.

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