No Wedding, No Womb!

When Hood Boogers Attack, Black Kids Wish They Were White.

Atlanta is known for being a hub of some of the most successful black people in America. It’s chock full of some of the best HBCU’s; plus Emory, the CDC, CNN, and Coke make it a prime area to thrive–if not romantically (I’ve heard the horror stories)–intellectually and financially. But there’s an underbelly of Atlanta infected by some of the most beastly hood rats you could ever see. Some of the poorer black neighborhoods in Atlanta have a 90-100% out-of-wedlock rate, and children are the feral offspring of teenagers. So when you look at this video, keep in mind that this particular neighborhood is a wart on that underbelly. This is a recording of a security guard trying to keep the peace when two alley-cat mothers and their doomed children verbally assault the guard.

Did you hear the children scream, “THAT’S WHY YOU’RE GAY!”? OMG, is this America or some third world ghetto? Nope. I checked. It’s Atlanta.

A friend of mine who brought this video to my attention said that she spend her internship not far from this neighborhood, and she reports that it’s horrific. “I left with the quickness. The people that you see in that video, are the people who are common in the area. The women have no fear, and they will fight a dude in a minute (and yes, most of the men will fight back). I had to do student teaching in an area close to it, and I hated it. I parked my car within a view of a window so that I would make sure I could see if a student broke in. As a matter of fact, on my first day at that school, I walked in on a gang fight. Talk about being happy when my student teaching assignment was up!!” she told me.

She also said something that was quite poignant. “The sad thing is that the children have zero guidance. While doing my student teaching, I was asked to teach the girls how to care for their personal hygiene. I didn’t want to do it at first, but then I realized these girls are so lost they don’t have someone to take the time to teach them how to care for their bodies. Most of the children in that area are being raised by teenage mothers and/or grandmothers beacause the parents are in jail. Fathers are not present, and most of their food comes from school lunch. Additionally, I did an assignment with the students in which I asked them what did they want to be when they got older. About 80% of the children included, “I want to be white.”

Stop there. These kids, being raised with no guidance and in utter chaos wish they were white. I thought about that for a second. I don’t think the kids wished they were white because they thought whites were inherently better, but because when they see white people outside of their neighborhoods and on the television, those parents and children are not burdened by the disease festering in the black community. Children crave structure, both parents responsible and involved, a reliable food source, and mothers and fathers who don’t behave like creatures. It’s not the color they crave, it’s the lifestyle. Who could blame them?

Some of you might balk at my language, but if it walks like a beast and talks like a beast, it’s a beast. God help the kids who have to live in this Hell. Like Khadija once wrote, the peace walls are coming, especially if the black, underclass, out-of-wedlock rate continues unfettered.

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