Hot Out of the Oven, Another Off Topic Thread

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The Week in Review/Hot Topics That We Didn’t Get Time to Write About will be a new and recurring feature on BB&W.

Unfortunately, us writers don’t get a chance to run our mouths and scribble a post out on every topic that rocked the news in the last week, so we will start having an open thread that also serves as a place to serve up the information we didn’t have time to write about.

Feel free to discuss whatever you like on these posts, including the provided links to get the ball rolling.

For starters…

1. Yahoo! purchases 6-year-old microblogging site Tumbler, and the question many a journalists mind was “What is Yahoo! going to do with all that porn?” Do you think this move will raise the intrinsic value of Yahoo’s stock? Will Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, prove the loyal Tumblr crowd correct and destroy all that made Tumbler such a great site?

2. Here we go again–the Onion steps in some poop. The Onion ran a (satirical?) post about Chris Brown being heartbroken that he has lost the chance to beat Rihanna to death. Reactions ran the gamut from “it’s just satire folks, this is what the Onion does all the time” to “once again the Onion has chosen to trample on the feelings and dignity of women of color by using the beating of Rihanna as a punch line.” Some say you can’t EVER make a joke/create satire when discussing–even tangentially–an issue as serious as domestic violence; do you agree?

Furthermore, consider comedian Bill Maher, who regularly jokes about the priesthood of the Catholic church being full of child molesters. Is it appropriate to mock the Catholic church over it’s approach to handling the sex abuse scandals, but not appropriate to mock Chris Brown as an abuser for beating the crap out of his girlfriend?

3. A soldier in London is stabbed to death in the streets by two men wielding butcher knives. At least one of the murderers refused to be camera shy or feel any remorse for his gruesome crime–he took credit for his actions in a video where he claimed to be acting in defense of Islam and against incursions into Islamic lands by non-Muslims.

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