What the Cuss?

I Heard it ALL Now! Mr. “Is Marriage for White People” Accused of Black Woman Blame. Da HAYELL?!

This one had me dusting off the poop slideshow picture. That’s when YOU KNOW I’m disgusted.

Oh geezus-in-hebbin in gawd’s green pastures. It just ASTOUNDS me about the level of creativity black women engage in to their own detriment. Just went over to the mother-ship Madame Noire, and read Alexis Garrett Stodghill’s interpretation of a book she could not have possibly read, Is Marriage for White People, written by Ralph Richard Banks.

Everybody know I interviewed Mr. Banks. We’ve also given away his books. Many of us have actually broken the spine and read how much of an ANTI-Steve Harvey he is. But leave it to the Nothin-Butta-Brotha cavalry to barge in to twist the truth into a pretzel.

In the The Los Angeles Times book review of “Is Marriage for White People?,” the white author very smugly sums up Banks’ book by saying: “The message seems clear: Silos can be crippling. It’s time we all opened our hearts and minds to the all the possibilities around us.” Well isn’t that nice?

Here’s the real translation: “Black women — it’s your fault your single. You are the ones causing your own misery, so stop complaining. And get a heart while you’re at it, why don’t cha?”

Ah yes, the familiar refrain. We went through this with Steve Harvey. And the media ate it up. It’s our fault we’re single.

No, it has nothing to do with the criminal justice system, which seems to be targeted to incarcerate black men at a higher rate through the racist practices routinely exhibited by police, prosecutors and the courts. Yes, it is black women who control the education systems around the country that fail to educate young black men adequately, or inspire them to believe in their futures. Yes, it is actually black women causing the scientifically observed discrimination in hiring practices that makes it harder for black men to find employment. Making them feel pressured to turn to crime to survive. Fueling the justice system which is stacked against them. Yes, it is black women that caused all of that. Using the logic of the supporters of “Is Marriage For White People,” the lack of black men is caused by our closed hearts, not the larger messed-up culture.

Yawn. Are we really doing this…again? Are you really going to blame EVERYTHING EXTERNAL for the cluster cuss of a mess the black community is in? Are you the official pro black man publicist, Alexis? Can we actually get one for BLACK WOMEN???!!?

Okay fine. Suppose we have it your way, and we blame all that stuff you just said. Then what? What about the women who are single NOW? Oh. I suppose we should just sacrifice and eat shite for the benefit of future generations, you know, like, 5 decades from now and sister soldier to right the wrongs done to black men. *HARD side eye*

Zabeth was there, trying to lend some educated insight in the den of reality deniers:

Yes, we can address the social and political issues affecting the black family but, correcting those issues can take years. What are black women- who have very real biological clocks- to do in the meantime?

Moreover, at some point we have to stop blaming outsiders for the community’s issues. I’m not denying racism and economic disenfranchisement, but not everything is the WM’s fault. We have to take some personal responsibility at some point.

Only to be shouted down by the wimmens and the men-children.

But Gold Star comment goes to Gwen, whoever she is:

You had better do something cause the brothers who got it going on think that they are too good for you and guess what even white people know it. You are some dumb asses. Nobody is blaming you. If you dont want to date other men dont. I dont care. Keep dating these brothers who think that they are superior to you cause they are not even asking a lot of sisters out anymore. Also there was a speed dating event that was supposed to held in NYC for black singles. 40 black women responded only 4 black men responded. The organizers were calling brothers to come and they would not. Keep fishing for men who dont even want you. How many black men came out when that study came out about black women being the least attractive? YOu want to know why? They benefit from it. The same study said that they were the most handsome men. You women are being played big time.

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