What the Cuss?

I Normally Don’t Put Folks On Blast But…

What is it with this dude, Andrew Brown? The level of obsession he has with us BWE gals is pathological. He just sent me this email:

Hey Chrissyln Happy New Year to you and the little one (that is a cute kid)

Yeah, get ready to lose this year and the BWE. I will tell you what, you can talk about cookies, ice cream, and perfume.

That is the lane for you now. I don’t see you lasting past this year with that No Wedding No Womb movement.

You came out swinging! But you are losing steam. I expected a little bit more from you.

Oh yea, tell Eugenia take her meds, nice moderator you got over there. She fits perfecly in the BWE movement.

By the way, we are gearing up on y’all (Blackmenvent.com and etc). We coming.

Good day.


He’s written me a lot before and some notes are just crazy, but I just thought you ladies would get a kick out of how delusional he is. I mean, does he and his screwball crew really think he can put the BWE horse back in the barn? And when he sees what’s coming January 15, what will he say then? Ugh. Oh well. I kind of like it though. I thrive on people saying I can’t do something–it just makes it all the more rewarding when I can shove those words right back in his mouth. Andrew, I know you’re reading this. Keep up with the reverse psychology dude. It works.

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