No Wedding, No Womb!

I’m Beginning to Think that Many Black Folks are Contented in Dysfunction.

I’m reeling because I just ended a relationship with a person whom I have respected for years, and whom I thought was an ally on behalf of No Wedding No Womb. Although I have ALWAYS taken the position that the out-of-wedlock epidemic in the black community is a 50/50 situation, this person accused me of “demonizing black men” and equated my posts on such issues as “spreading a virus” because I don’t address how white people of old are responsible for the issues we suffer as a community TODAY.

Do I believe racism exists? YES. Do I believe the ripples of white supremacy and the devaluation of black slaves have had a lasting effect? YES. But what I DON’T believe is that black people are helpless kittens with no ability to control their fertility. There is no slave master in that dark room with John Legend crooning “Best You’ve Ever Had” while the sperm is released into the vagina of an ovulating black woman. Nobody is saying, “Knock that negro wench up or else!!” So all this coddling and excuse making has GOT to stop.

And sadly, I’m seeing most of the coddling and excuses coming from so-called, well-meaning Christians who like to selectively appoint which sins are worse: sex..don’t do it, but if you do, don’t use birth control because being prepared means that you premeditated your sin; if you get pregnant, all children are a blessing and the LAWD will provide; abortion is a worse sin that fornication…and I could go on and on. These are the same “well-meaning” Christians who condemn gay people of hell fire and brimstone. Selective morality, much??

I am beginning to believe that there are certain individuals who are contented in our dysfunction, and are willing to fight tooth and nail to allow it to continue. To speak of it is to invite the hounds of hell to set themselves upon you, and they’ve been sicked on me countless times. And honestly, I’m getting weary of it. Let all those who have ears, hear, and let the others go phuck off.

From now on, my message of reproductive empowerment will focus on this arena…ONLY. I’m growing tired of hit-dog folks demonizing this message.


There are people in the “community” who have a VESTED interest in black women being single mothers and some of those folks are “sanctified. That’s about the most evil thing I’ve ever had to phantom.

If black women take control of their reproductive health, who will be left to blame for all that is wrong with the black community? Who will be the sacrificial lamb if black women refuse to be incubators from men who don’t value them? Imagine that. 


You’re not paranoid if they’re really after you…

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