In Defense of “Becky.”

Okay, it’s time to go bare-assed in this post, because before I can write ANOTHER GEE DEE THING on this site, we’re gonna have to get out the Vaseline and duke this out.

But first, take a look at this and then take note how you feel.

No doubt some of you had a chuckle when “Becky” accidentally got knocked out by the domineering, sneering, black woman. (Which by the way, Pepsi, you suck for perpetuating the stereotype that black women are hateful, weave-wearing biotches who lead our men around by the penis. If that were the case, why are 70% of us single, and 73% of our kids being raised only by their mothers? PepsiCo, catch a clue.) AND! They make black peeps look bad in general by the couple fleeing before the po-lice came.

Everyone knows I have a sense of humor, but sorry Pepsi, not at my expense. In fact, I will not be buying you. Not that I drank soda anyway, but still. On January 2011, I made it a personal mission to never prop up those who would stick their foot in my neck. Just saying.

Now back to “Becky.” This post was inspired by a heated debate that was supposed to be funny, as in “Friday Funny,” but somehow devolved into a cluster cuss of one side of the BB&W Crew against the other, with me smack-dab in the middle.

All because I took a stand about an author and book that will not be named in this post. Who is white. And a girl.

But here’s the other thing that needs to be addressed–there’s an almost palpable distain for white women, while at the same time, elevating their male counterparts to sainthood. The answer I often hear is, “well, white women are put on a pedestal!” Okay, yeah. But stop. Ask. Who put them there? They didn’t. Only men have that kind of control. And don’t expect them to help disabuse men of the notion of the white goddess, because why the heck would she? If every guy on Earth thought I pooped diamonds and rainbows, I’m not giving up that kind of status. Sorry.

One fan on the BB&W page had this to say about white women:

Whether people want to realize it or not, white women are respected, loved and practically worshipped by ALL men moreso than black women. Black women HAVE to learn to love themselves (our self esteem has truly taken a beating) but in that process many of them still have a hatred of white women simply because they’re seen as “better”. Many black women are still hurt by society’s (esp the black community’s) mistreatment of them and they are hurt by society’s favorable treatment of white women.

We know that often times when a man marries a black woman, society will see that as marrying down. No other female of a non-black race has to deal with that type of pressure or hatred. Of course things are changing for the better but it won’t happen overnight.

I honestly believe white women are black women’s ultimate competition. We’re viewed as the exact opposite of a white woman and I am not just referring to color. We are the only women who have to (as a whole) regain our femininity. That’s a horse pill to swallow.

Does some of what she says ring true? Absolutely. But is it “Becky’s” fault?

BWE sisters, let me tell you something. If you want to love a white guy, you can’t hate his mother. Or his sister. Or his cousins. You will not exist in a bubble of black and white love while you throw Pepsi cans at his sisters. So in case you don’t have some full-service island that you have access to so that you and your rainbeau can never see another “Becky,” We’re going to have to lay our feelings on the table. Brutal honesty.


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