Interracial Film Seeks Support: “The Year That Changed Us”

We were recently contacted by a production company in Chicago in hopes we might spread the word on a project they are trying to develop, a movie called “The Year That Changed Us.”

It’s the story of two interracial Chicago couples struggling to keep their love alive in spite of secrets and long-simmering resentments that rise to the surface. The film is particularly unique in its representation of not only interracial couples, but those who are in the midlife stage–both groups which are majorly underrepresented in film and other media. Director Kyle Henry has helmed several successful indie projects which have been selected at Sundance and Cannes, and we also have a stellar cast, including Antoine McKay, who was most recently seen in FOX’s Empire.

The company is seeking financial support, and if you’d like to contribute, do so here. Looks like a worthy endeavor.

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