Interracial Romeo and Juliet Coming to Braodway!

This is definitely getting interesting.


Broadway is set to depict an interracial couple–Orlando Bloom and Condola Rshad–as “Romeo and Juliet,” according to the New York Times. The production will be directed by David Leveaux. Aside from the coolness of the mainstreaming of interracial love, I thought Leveaux’s quote about his casting decisions was illuminating.

“They could have been any number of different ethnicities,” Mr. Leveaux said in a telephone interview, referring to his casting choices. “The two actors I wanted to be together producing sparks just happened to be those two and I followed my nose in casting the families.” He decided to make the Capulets an all-black clan and the Montagues all-white to reflect real life rather than make a comment on race, he added.

The sparks between the two actors–Bloom and Rashad–“just happened.” Which further normalizes black female/white male relationships in mainstream media which we all know has a trickle down effect. But let’s not be naive, the director is looking around and seeing the writing on the wall–BW/WM couples are the next hottest thing in entertainment.

Little trivia–Condola is Phylicia Rashad’s daughter! And if you have to ask who Orlando Bloom is, please kindly see a real estate agent to help you relocate under that rock you’ve been living under.

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