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“Is Marriage For White People” Book Give-Away!!!

So “The Benefactress” is at it again, and it’s a good thing for the lot of you, because she’s bought 10 copies of Ralph Richard Banks’ Is Marriage for White People, released just yesterday. But, she’s got some conditions.

I have an idea. I would like to gift 10 copies of Dr. Banks book to 10 of the ladies who frequent your site. I want to mix it up a bit this time if you are in agreement.

1.) I would like high school and college age women to get these this time. I would really like to get some of the lurkers to participate on your site. Not sure if that is possible but it is a thought.

2.) We should commit to a book club like series of discussions on this book. Maybe a couple of chapters per post or something. You know how lively it gets sometimes.

3.) Dr. Banks may be able to provide discussion questions for us to consider.


Hear that, high school, college aged women and lurkers? Here’s your chance. If you live in the continental U.S. (postage to Canada and the UK is breaking the budget) then tell us why you should win a book, and I’ll let “The Benefactress” be the arbiter of prizes.


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