Isn’t It Nice to See Black Women Featured in Videos Without Being Degraded? ?

Now this video, Make You Mine, was a MAJOR surprise. Because, well…it’s country. Like…really country. But *swoon* at the cute corn-fed boy singing to the pretty-in-pink black woman twirling around happily being the object of admiration. How refreshing. No one is calling her a bitch, hoe, or THOT. No one is running a credit card down the crack of her ass. She’s obviously gorgeous, and obviously black.

What a world, huh?

This is a good time to remind many black women who read this blog that assume that conservative “country” men aren’t interested in them because they assume those characteristics portend ignorance and racism. It’s often these very types of men who are independent minded and go for what the want and don’t give a damn what anyone says.

Let’s also not forget Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, featuring a lovely blasian woman…

And since we’re on media, want about this upcoming film, Everything, Everything, featuring a mixed race girl, her white guy crush, and her over protective black mother. Looks like a real tear jerker.

Speaking of tear-jerkers, longtime BB&W supporter, “Friends of Jay” brought to my attention a very interesting film that gives a pretty amazing twist on Holocaust stories and Nazi Germany. Where Hands Touch is love story about a mixed race black girl and Hitler youth. Wow. Here’s the summary:

Amma Asante adds to her already shining portfolio with a new film, Where Hands Touch: the love story of a mixed-race German girl and a Hitler Youth boy, starring Amandla Stenberg and George McKay, sparking a conversation about the importance — and the dangers — of Holocaust love stories.

Asante is a critically acclaimed director known for bringing beautiful and empowering diverse stories to screen. Her directorial debut, A Way of Life (2004), earned her a BAFTA Award for Special Achievement, and Belle (2013) stunned audiences with its beautiful yet eye-opening take on the role of a mixed-race woman in ending slavery in England. Her latest film, A United Kingdom, about a white British woman who marries a Prince from Botswana, has been in theaters since last week.

With a career devoted to telling such meaningful stories, it’s no surprise that her next film also touches on race, love, and history.

Where Hands Touch has been in the works for 10 years. It’s a romantic drama set in Nazi Germany, and stars Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg alongside George McKay, who starred in Captain Fantastic last year. [SOURCE]

Yay it’s “Rue!”

Let’s be honest–this amount of exposure was virtually unheard of in 2010 when this blog first appeared. My, have things changed. This is the type of FAVORABLE PROMOTION black women need to support…anything that shows us a desirable, feminine, and REAL women should be celebrated, encouraged and shared. You promote what you choose to throw your coins to, ladies and gentlemen.


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