It Just Keeps Getting Worse: Brooklyn Teens Who Gang Raped Girl Claim She was Having Sex with Her Dad

If this story doesn’t encapsulate the pervasiveness of sexual abuse and disregard for black girls and women in the hood, I don’t know what else could convince you.

To summarize, the four teen boys who allegedly gang-raped an 18 year old young woman, Denzel Murray, 14; Shaquell Cooper and Ethan Phillip, both 15; and 17-year-old Onandi Brown
A fifth suspect, 17-year-old Travis Beckford, was taken into custody Tuesday morning and is awaiting charges. The teens approached a father and his daughter around 9PM at a Brooklyn park after two of them allege they caught the father drunk and having sex with the daughter. “Can we have some of that?” asked one of the teens. The father ran away and came back to throw a bottle at the boys until one pulled a gun. That’s when he ran for help. Both places he entered refused to call the police because the man appeared inebriated and seemed perfectly calm. When the father finally found uniformed police, they responded immediately.

When we discussed this story on our Facebook page, I couldn’t for the life of me understand how a father, under any circumstances, could leave his daughter to be gang banged by a bunch of feral BEASTS.

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I was also completely outraged that people at the bodega refused the father use of the phone, regardless of whether or not he was drunk. It seemed so incredibly heartless. Until I read that the father was allegedly interrupted having sex with his daughter first. If this is true, this explains why this man appeared so calm–he doesn’t really value his daughter’s safety, well-being, and virtue, because HE VIOLATED IT FIRST.

Angel Ramirez-Jordan, former Brooklyn resident and dating coach, has a lot to say on this:

This is a very horrific and saddening incident, but sadly not a rare occurrence in today’s society. All too often in a situation like this we would focus solely on the young girl and her multiple traumatic experiences. But we must also be aware of the other victims in this case. The 14 year old boys. Young impressionable boys who have become a part of today’s society where men simply do not respect nor value women or themselves for that matter. There is now a culture that has spiraled out of control and been taken on by men of all races and catapulted to extreme levels by music, TV, social media and society where Black women are not valued and are seen as nothing more than sexual objects, only valuable to the benefit of those who will use them for financial or lustful gain. We live in a society where people will idly stand by and not lift a finger to help. The worst part of this incident is the one man this young girl should have been able to rely on to protect her, did not, and instead played a role in an event she’ll never be able to forget. But even more worrying is that our community probably won’t do anything to help these boys or this girl, because at the bottom of the pile are Black women and then followed by black boys. When it’s all said and done, who’s going to protect our children from this culture?

And people complain that black women aren’t feminine?! How the FUCK can a girl be feminine when the vulnerability it takes to do so means open season on your person? You wonder why girls are walking around angry and fighting people, acting so masculine, how do we expect them to act when there is no male protection???

Femininity exists in a society when the MEN provide a safe environment for women to express it.

If the portion of the story is true about the father, he also should be charged for rape. I’m sure this wasn’t the first time he violated his daughter. He wasn’t waiting until she was 18.

I wish news like this could galvanize the community to really take a look at how pervasive sexual abuse is within the community, and stop with the fake “Look over there!!” tactics, hoping on the RARE times when black girls and women are raped by non-black men. Stats prove it out again and again–the most dangerous place for a young girl to be is in the hood full of fatherless, feral boy-men.

You mad?

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