“Italian Stallion” Frank Tufano Joins Me on YouTube TONIGHT!

As a content creator with my own share of drama, I’m always fascinated by what other people sip tea and pop the popcorn on. Boy, was I surprised that carnivores and vegans have their own “wars.”

Enter Frank Tufano, the handsome, charismatic YouTuber who is literally causing the heads of many vegans to utterly explode.

Tufano, decidedly full carnivore, promotes a diet almost devoid of plants. Many people ascribe to such a diet, and others do less strict versions, such as keto and paleo. He’s stirring up quite a fuss with the vegans because he highlights how many popular vegans on YouTube have had to begrudgingly go back to eating meat products, which to Tufano, proves that the vegan lifestyle is not sustainable long term without some damaging physical effects.

On the other hand, vegans maintain that Tufano is “selfish” and a “fraud” because modern humans can get all their nutrition from a plant-based diet and animals are put through needless torture. One high-profile YouTuber, Vegan Gains, has debated Tufano several times and has appeared to have the upper hand in many arguments. But Frank seems to take all the criticism in stride, and even uses all the attention to his advantage.

Currently, he has a Kickstarter program to source and distribute grass-fed meat that he claims have been raised and processed in an ethical manner. You can get the details here.

Diet programs that can be sustained long term are part of the Pink Pill level up journey, so I’m intrigued to hear about his meal preferences and how it can improve many of us who suffer from chronic obesity. Is beef the answer? We’ll hear where Frank falls on this debate at 7 Pm PST/10Pm EST.

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