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Julie Chen and the Pretty Black Girl Threat

Well it seems there is something amiss with the show I never watch, The Talk, with moderator Julie Chen. Apparently Chen has been throwing her husband’s weight around and firing 99% of the cast in only the show’s first season. But what gives me pause is pretty little Holly Robinson Peete getting the can and being replaced by comedienne, Sherryl Underwood.

The next commentary shall be no words. Just pictures. And meditation.

Holly Robinson Peete


Sherryl Underwood

I’m shocked….SHOCKED!! Eh. Not so much. A friend of mine said bluntly, “They miss mammy.”

Think I’m being paranoid? Just take a look at the black women on The View. Geez, some non-black women are thoroughly invested in the perpetuation of stereotypes. And alas, I think things will only get worse, because the uniqueness of black beauty with all it’s nappiness has become a serious threat.

Man. This is one Asian woman who does NOT do submissive AT. ALL. She married a very powerful man, and she has no qualms about using it to reign down on anyone that crosses her. Not a good look, Julie. Not at all. Did you ever stop to think that America likes Holly better than you, and when they find out what a collossal female dog you are, it just might make them like you even less? Hubris, Madame. Hubris.

Get ready to see more sabotage, not just on the macro-level in TEEVEE-TOPIA, but on a micro-level. Like in the workplace. Be on your guard, ladies.

P.S. Apparantly I’m not the only one who’s noticing the contrast in the new line up. Thanks Jewel for passing this along!

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