Just for Fun…What Makes a “Creature Like No Other?”

Black women have the most unique physical makeup of all women, everywhere. Our beauty is an asset! It’s important that each one of you know the tools, tips and tricks to maximize your unique beauty. For me, it’s wearing my hair natural. When straightened, my hair is flat and lifeless, and the look did little to differentiate me from the rest of the herd.


Here’s my advice:

Hair: Get a style that fits your face. This post might be helpful for some of you who wear straight or relaxed hair.

Skin: Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! It’s the secret to why I look decades younger than my actual age.

Diet: Get off processed foods…all of them. Watch your sugar intake and learn to embrace the green smoothie.

Body: A least three hours of exercise per week. Not just cardio, but weight-bearing practices like yoga, pilates and the barre method.

Makeup: If you’re dark like me, don’t be afraid of color! Heck, if I can pull of green and gold eyeshadow, so can you!


So dish! Let’s share with one another ways to maximize our natural and unique beauty!

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