Justice for Anene Booysen

South African teenager Anene Booysen, who was viciously raped, mutilated, and eventually died from her injuries, has finally received some justice.

A South African court found Johannes Kana guilty of the crimes against Booysen. More than 20 people were called to testify over the course of the preceding three weeks of the trial before the Judge issued her verdict. Two witnesses testified that they saw Kana leaving the pub with Booysen before she was attacked. The prosecutor alleged that Kana raped Booysen because she refused to have sex with him. Kana’s defense retorted that there was nothing placing the accused at the scene of the crime other than his cap. However, in a written statement, Kana admitted to leaving the pub with her and eventually raping her.

Initially two men were arrested for the attack but one, her ex-boyfriend Jonathan Davies, later had all charges against him dropped.

The other accused Johannes Kana admitted, in his trial at Swellendam Circuit Court, to leaving the pub with Booysen on the night of the attack. He hit her and raped her but denies murder. “I pulled down her pants … kicked her … and raped her,” he said in a statement.

The doctors treating Booysen described her horrific injuries to the jury at the trial.

According to Eyewitness News, Dr Elizabeth De Kock, who was first to attend to Booysen when she was brought into hospital, said her injuries were the worst she had ever seen and that she could not have been saved due to the massive injuries sustained to her intestines

Kana was sentenced to two life-terms in prison with no chance for parole. Nomsa Maseko, a reporter on the scene when the verdict was read, gave a first hand account:”When the judge handed down the sentence, some of Miss Booysen’s relatives started sobbing quietly. But Kana’s uncle reacted by clapping his hands and laughing. He described the verdict as ‘a joke'”

As Kana was the only one on trial, this verdict is probably the most justice that Anene will ever get.


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