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Kathy Henry: When Will Black Women Ever Be Good Enough?


One of the hardest jobs in the world is to be a black woman. We do not get paid our worth and are generally treated like shit. Some might disagree with this premise but I bet my last pair of draws that whoever disagrees with me is not a black woman. It seems like no matter how much we achieve, it is never good enough. Even with a black First Lady in the White House, in the past couple of years, black women have been relentlessly attacked for their looks (average looking Asian man writes an article on the undesirability of black women and gets famous), their educational aspirations (how dare you black bitch have the nerve to get educated!), mothering skills or lack there of (black women either have more children out of wedlock and or more abortions than any other racial group according to whatever new group with an agenda comes out) and we cannot get a break.

From the moment we were brought to this country as broodmares, we have been used up and tossed aside like trash by not only the majority but our own people. Some of our men have taken to the Internet to discuss how trifling and unattractive black women are without realizing that every time they open their mouths; they are talking about their mommas. Some of our women, trying to curry favor with black men, will diss a black woman from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, even her own black daughter to look good in their eyes, not understanding that they are black women too.

From the moment a little black baby girl is born, her psyche will be inundated with negative stereotypes about black women. She will grow up hearing about the exploits of Sapphire, Mammy, and Jezebel who are the older sisters of Skeezer, Bust-Down, Hood-Rat, Gold-Digger, Baby Momma, Welfare Queen, and Crack Whore. She will learn that the life of a little black girl means nothing and that is she goes missing or dies, the media will not pay attention and her body might not be found for months, if ever. She will be told that she is an ugly, fat, nappy headed bitch and to go sit down in a corner somewhere until someone decides to fuck her. Due to this “you ain’t shit” brainwashing, some of our little girls grow up believing that the only thing they have of value in this world is their sexuality.

Unfortunately, this is the life of a black woman in America but do not count us out yet. We have survived the hell of having our children sold off on the action block, watching our men get hanged in trees, and getting beaten within a inch of our lives while fighting for basic civil rights and still we rise. Every person on this planet owes his or her existence to a black woman: Mitochondrial Eve. So when society feels the need to degrade and devalue the existence of black women and you are a black woman, tell society to kiss your entire ass.



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