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Are They Kidding? The New Meme to Trap and Trick Black Women Curious About Swirling

Just when I think I’ve heard it all, then comes some new fresh hell to guilt and scare black women out of swirling. This one comes from a group of known black-woman haters who now have opted to say something to this effect: “I don’t care if you phuck the slave master, but don’t come back because I’m not touching that again!”


What sadness. What great loss. So what can one infer from such a threat?

True story: An abusive, hateful man tells you that you’re awful and no one wants you, that you are worthless and the singular cause of all the ills in the black community, tells you that if you swirl you can NEVER come back because he won’t want to touch you. Meanwhile this same man posts a picture on his Facebook talking about how much he wishes he could put his head between the tits of a particular white woman celebrity, who no doubt has dating and presumably had sex with “the slave master” but somehow this is applauded and acceptable, and the man’s brainless zombie minions cheer him on.

Uh…come back to what, exactly? More abuse and degradation? More being used as a cum dumpster, good enough to bear your seed but not to marry (remember there’s a 70% out-of-wedlock rate in the black community, so please don’t try to tell me black men are marrying us en masse, because they are not), and to be available as your mental and physical punching bags?

And if some of you think I’m just being a bully and attacking these po’ widdle men, I’ll offer you this, written by a black man via Uptown Magazine:

Aside from not protecting our women physically and being the main cause of their pain, Black men also have failed to protect our women’s honor, integrity and image. When I look around today I see the Black female form being continually oversexualized in the media, Black women being overtly disrespected in music to the point it’s viewed as normative behavior, and Black women being abandoned as parents.

Before I go on, I need to put out this disclaimer. I am writing this not to attack the small yet incipient black men who threaten black women who swirl with rejection. I think I was pretty clear about my feelings when I made this video. My goal in bringing this foolishness to light is to PROTECT vulnerable black women who might take this tripe to heart and not maximize their options for romance for fear that her IBM may reject her if he discovers she dated a white boy.

Think about it this way. Abuser says: “You can leave, but don’t ever come back.” The abused, unsure and insecure about the unknown quantity, decides to stay put, because she still desperately wants the approval and acceptance of her abuser. The abuser’s tactic is successful. He keeps the abused under his thumb and under his control.

There’s a book that I urge all of you to read called,  30 Days to Better Thinking and Better Living through Critical Thinking. Such a book could literally save your life. Within, the authors, Linda Elder and Richard Paul pronounce, “The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thinking.”

If you have an astute critical thinking ability, then such threats can be dissected and exposed for what they really are–pure and malicious emotional manipulation. The authors say that faulty thinking leads to us failing to notice contradictions and accept inaccurate information, among a list of other things.

The more black women begin to think critically, the more likely they can turn away from manipulation. If you leave this post learning only one thing, know this:

I think some of my opponents have the wrong idea about me. My “solution” to our community’s ills is not black women dating white men. It’s telling black women to maximize all their opportunities, not excluding black men, but including ALL men. With choices comes the power.




Those who want to keep you powerless can only be successful by diminishing your choices.


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