Kim Kardashian’s Latest Nude Selfie Explains What ‘White Privilege’ is To Me.

So, yeah. This is trending.


It’s the Instgram selfie in which Kim Kardashian bemoans to the entire world that she has nothing to wear.

Never mind that she looks like a blowup doll with are really bad dye job. The first thing I thought when looking at her was that, if we would have replaced this photo with ANY black woman, she’d be called all kinds of hoe’s and THOTS on the “black pages”, but because Kimmie-Kaucasian does it, it makes headlines and special reports in publications like Cosmopolitan as a “must read.”  Oh; and if this selfie were of a black woman, Cosmo would have totally nig-nored it.

That’s white privilege for you, ladies and gents.

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