Kristina Brooke Daniele Enjoys Twice the Celebration!

Well, dang. Kristina found an INGENIOUS way to get better birthday presents. She got married eight years ago on her birthday, which is today.

How they met:

We met in college and became friends rather quickly. We had a lot in common (taste in music/movies, upbringing, and fierce independence from our families) and while we were both dating other people, there was an attraction/energy that we struggled to ignore. After a rocky beginning, we officially started dating in June 1997. I knew pretty early that we were in it for the long haul – the connection was just so strong. He was one of the only guys who met my mother and STILL wanted to hang out with me. We have been through a lot. The loss of parents, siblings, a baby at 19.5 weeks, depression, living with his parents, my early years teaching in the Bronx and going to grad school. We’ve faced numerous tests but he has always been my biggest supporter and I am his. We have one daughter, 5, and are happily homeschooling and living life to the fullest.

Happy annivers-b-day, Kristina!

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