Ladies, Buckle Up…Nerds are the New Alpha Male

For millennia, the tall, musclebound man with the square jaw and proclivity to spread his seed all over creation may soon be coming to an end before human evolution has a chance to catch up. We no longer need protection from lions tigers and bears. That strong arm used to throw spears to bring home dinner on the open plains has been replaced with grocery stores and automated checkout machines. Virtually every task that requires physical labor can be completely automated. And the (mostly) men behind all this change are most likely the guys in science club you ignored, the chess club champions you rebuffed, and the bespectacled book toters who spent their lunch hour in the library. Now more than ever, it’s clear that the meek can (and will) inherit the earth.

They are our nation’s billionaires. They are influencing policy. They’re here, and they have the power now, so Biff better take a step back and make room for Benjamin, because he’s the guy that has all the “Benjamins.”

Now does that mean Biff is S.O.L.? Will he be regulated to the sidelines like the lowly nerds of old? Not too soon. As I mentioned; human evolution hasn’t nearly caught up with the technology innovations of man. Biff will still get his opportunity to sow his wild oats, but those seeds may more frequently fall on barren soil as savvy women who seek to build legacies for their offspring save the gift of motherhood for the geeks and nerds.

But women aren’t out of the woods either. The nerdy girl is swiftly gaining respect and reverence from her male intellectual equal, because big brains are more of a genetic benefit than big boobs and biceps. Sure; looks will still hold the nerd’s primary gaze, but that alone won’t be enough. You’ll have to hold your own in the intellectual department at the company cocktail party.

All hail Edgar, Carlton, Milton and Poindexter. It’s been a long time coming. All hail the nerd, the new alpha male.

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