No Wedding, No Womb!

Too Late? 39…Four Kids…Now Wants to Give Interracial Dating a Try.

Sigh. This is what I want black women to avoid. Out of wedlock children DOES lower your market value in the dating world, and there’s no way around it. Let this be a case study to learn from.

The Letter:

I’ve been watching your YouTube channel for a little while. I’ve never dated outside my race or even considered it. However now that I am older and have tried to find quality black men with no luck. I’m seriously rethinking my stance.
My question is it possible to find a quality non-black man that would accept my age 39 and my having children.  I still hope to get married one day but with each bad encounter I am lossing faith that this will happen.
I then asked how many kids she had….

I have 4

Girl 21 does not live with me
Girl 19 in college live in dorm
Boy 14 lives with me
Girl 7 does not live with me but comes over every other weekend.
My youngest girl I have a custody agreement so she is with me on some holidays.
I’ve been through the some hard situations but I’m still a positive person that believes in love and marriage.

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