Leona’s Love Quest: Is There Love in the Cards?

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Those of you who have been following my Love Quest for a long time already know I am a bit of a mystic. I’m really fascinated by astrology and I often find that personality assessments created from a full birth chart to be both specific and accurate (feel free to insert your disbelieving eye-rolling here.) I honestly don’t believe that psychic ability is all that far-fetched of a concept. My own instincts are generally pretty spot on; I just don’t always listen to them when they are telling me things I don’t want to hear. I know there are plenty of charlatans who will simply tell you what you want to hear for their own benefit, but I could say the same thing about most of the men I’ve been dating and they’ve cost me a lot more than money.

I thought it might be fun to get some spiritual insight about my Love Quest in 2015.  A friend of mine has been going to a tarot card reader whose predictions for her have been inconceivably accurate, so I thought I’d give it a try. I met this woman at the aptly named Good Karma coffee shop on December 30th. Diana was an adorable, artsy-looking young woman with bright auburn hair. The vivid, metallic green eyeshadow she was wearing accentuated her placid blue eyes. She began by handing me the cards and instructing me to split them once or twice. Then she spread the cards in rows across the table.

“This is a very good first layer,” she explained. “You’ve gotten some help recently and the things you’ve been learning will be beneficial to you attracting the right person. The work you’ve been doing lately will start showing up in the next few months.”

OK, in all fairness, I did tell her about my Love Quest and my recent breakthrough towards greater self-awareness and development.

“There’s something problematic here I need to get into. It seems for some time here there has been an involvement with someone in your past that wasn’t really trustworthy. This is an old connection or psychic dialogue, and to be honest, I don’t really like it.”

I hadn’t mentioned a word in my emails about the Friend Zone Guy although she could have read about him in my last few articles. I could only assume he was the person she was referencing.

“I feel that you are picking up on his energy and he keeps pulling you in; it’s not necessarily your fault. That’s unfortunate because it’s slowing your progress towards all these other good things. It’s like you’re trying to run a marathon in a snowsuit. You showed up for the race and you’re ready to go, but something is weighing down.”

Boy oh boy, she didn’t know the half of it.

“Nothing is going to work out there ever. The cards say this is a teaching relationship and the sooner you learn the lesson the sooner you are done with it. He’s kind of like a bad dog that is really sweet but just too much work. Even if you have the tools to help him, that doesn’t necessarily make him your responsibility.”

Nailed it. 

Then she explained to me when we’ve been intimate with a person it affects our orange chakra, located just below the belly. If I was still connected to Friend Zone Guy through that chakra then I needed to sever the connection energetically.  She recommended I take a ritual bath with two or three big handfuls of sea salt. First, I was to offer forgiveness for anything that happened between us that wasn’t healthy. Second, I was to ask forgiveness for anything that I did if nothing else but participating in the dynamic. Third, I was to give gratitude for the lesson that he taught me, wish them well and let him go. Then I was supposed to make a cutting motion across the cord above the orange chakra thereby returning the energy that was his.

“You can cut it as if you were holding scissors or make a slicing motion like would with a machete or a knife,” Diana offered.

I may need to conjure up a chain saw. 

I had been doing a good job of distancing myself from him until just a few days before Christmas. I guess we both appreciated the company during a lonely holiday season. All we did was watch our favorite childhood Christmas specials and eat way too many cookies. Still, as soon as I allowed him to enter my life again I began to question the nature of our relationship. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by shutting him out completely, but at times I feel he only calls when his ego needs a boost. If our “chakras” were connected his energy could possibly be blocking my path towards meeting someone new.

Thankfully she saw three new men in my reading. Two of them were Kings of Wands. She described them as businessmen who looked good on paper, but the one had “too many dancing ladies around him.” Both seemed more interested in socializing and meeting lots of people. She had reservations about their readiness for commitment.

Diana was very excited about the third man, though, a King of Pentacles. She described him as a salt-of-the-Earth, boy-next-door type guy who was hard-working and stable. He was either unavailable right now or dealing with the aftermath of a failed relationship. She definitely saw a fun, budding romance with some potential to last.

Because it was my first reading with her she said it was too difficult to predict how fast the cards would move for me. However, she did not see me remaining single over a long period of time. While she admitted the pool of men on dating websites was slim for most people, she sensed that mine had been extraordinarily odd, unsuitable or virtually non-existent. It was good to hear my upcoming break from online dating wasn’t completely unfounded.

Overall I had a great experience and I am anxious to see if any of what she predicted will manifest itself over the next few months. I’ve also created a vision board that represents the kind of man and relationship I want to bring into my life. I did it on Pinterest instead of dealing with the mess and expense of scissors, magazines, and glue.

So, how do you feel about using spiritual practices to manifest love in your life?

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