Question of the Week

Lesson: Black Chicks Need to Know When Non-Black Men are Hitting on Them!

I continue to be amazed about how many young girls really are clueless about dating. This isn’t anything to be ashamed about–this is easily fixed. Just sort of perplexing that in a world where there so many modes of artificial communication, we’re becoming less and less about to pick up on face-to-face body language cues.

The Question:

I wanted to reach out to you for advice on a crush that I have. I have a crush on a guy that works with me, which also adds complications. I am half black and half Mexican he is Caucasian. I am not really sure if he is reciprocating the feelings or not. I have casually flirted with him over ping, and he has told me that I am one of his favorite people on his team. We are both very single so there aren’t any significant others involved in this. Recently, at a company happy hour he told me that I had very pretty eyes. Later that night we pinged, and I thanked him for taking our team out. I told him that he was one of my favorite people on the team and he told me he was Team ” my name”. I know this may seem like a silly question, but this is the first time I have been interested in a Caucasian man. I am not sure if he is interested or this is just part if his mannerism.

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