Lessons From The Hubster: What You Get With a Guy Who Wants to Go Dutch on the First Date


So The Hubster and I have many a conversation about the the blog’s goings on, and I mentioned how a new member of ours, ostensibly a software engineer who claims to make six figures who expects a woman to go halvsies with him when he asks her out on a date. I was aghast at the notion, but The Hubster wasn’t. He says he has no problem with it. “When you go out with a guy who expects you to go half on a date, you know what you’re going to get. A man who expects that the entire relationship will be split down the middle.”

But then I asked, “Well, why didn’t you expect me to pay for the first date, or any other date, ever?” He replied with this: “I’m the type of guy, that in an ideal situation, wants my wife to stay home with our kids while I work. Paying for a date is a display of my ability to provide and protect.”

And you know what I did right after he said that? Yup; and it was good too. My husband makes six figures as an insurance executive. He hates it sometimes. But you know why he stays? Because he’s a provider and protector, and the needs of his family comes before his own. He’ never once complained that he had to bring in more financially while I cranked out kid after kid. He wanted me to be my kid’s mom. Now that I’ve built a business out of the blog, he’s happy that it affords us extra, but it’s his check that pays the mortgage. He takes pride in that.

So ladies, be aware. A man who expects you to financially cut everything down the middle will not be prone to understanding that you have morning sickness, your feet hurt because they’re swollen, you might need bed rest, or that your child needs to breast feed every three hours. Nope. Said man will expect you to work up until five minutes before you deliver the child and then go half on the wet nurse because you need to take your ass back to work. Because it’s not fair that you get to stay home…whaaa!! These types of men take absolutely no pride in what the world has traditionally defined a man. And if you want that, then by all means, go for it with gusto.

Just keep that in mind the next time you’re out on a date. You heard it from a man.

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