Pink Pill: They Really Don’t Want Black Women to Do Better.

We have entire cottage industries on YouTube and various blogs dedicated to telling the world about what’s wrong with black women. Hoards of men gather together to assure each other that the black woman is unredeemable and is on an unstoppable collision course to destruction; the very idea of which seems to entice and stimulate them.

So it should be no surprise that these same men are OUTRAGED that I’ve created a series created to instruct and educate black women how to win at life in a way that no one has, to date, ever done in any organized way. They are even MORE FRUSTRATED that for the first time, HIDDEN this advice and secrets so that they have not had easy access to pick it apart, and so they have resorted to LYING about what’s inside the Pink Pill.

Here’s a quote from such a black-woman-hate blog in response to the success of the series.

Black women no matter what they learn from these classes will still continue to lag behind and come last when it boils down to dating and marriage. The first thing that needs to be pointed out is the fact that black women are spiritually broken and morally bankrupt. These are the root causes of their dysfunction, therefore unless you deal with these areas first, the rest is a waste of time and will ultimately fail.

Let’s explore this quote for a moment. What does it really suggest? That no matter what black women do, how much they try to improve themselves, any such actions are in their minds, equivalent to putting lipstick on a pig. We are inherently flawed, and nothing we will ever ever ever ever ever do will change that.

Hmmm. Let’s now think about why there is such an investment by these hateful men is so important to them. Qui bono? Who benefits if black women continue to be uninformed of the rules, protocols and secrets of a great society so they can win in the social, career and love lives? What would happen if black women did what was necessary to level up and become globally savvy and wield their unique feminine beauty while combining the knowledge that the larger and more diverse ecosystem knows? If we no longer offered up ourselves to be publicly flagellated by those who want to continue to tell us what’s wrong with us and there there is NO HOPE, then who would be left to feel better than?

Let’s explore some of the comments on this poop stain of a blog:

“You took the words right out of my mouth. This “Pink Pill” movement will utterly fail because black women either can’t or won’t do the necessary things to get a white man or any man of quality for that matter. They’d rather sit on their ass and bitch and moan about colorism, fat shaming, racism, etc than make moves to better their situation. This shows how bad of a businesswoman and a failure ck really is.”

“Since 80% of black women are overweight, how can black women expect non-black men to get with the typical black woman? Black men are used to being around women that weigh as much as them or even more. Most non-black men are not used to being around fat women with hair weave on their heads.”

“These black whores don’t possess a single creative bone in their oil tanker size flabby bodies. Everything they do is a knockoff of black men. I had a good laugh when I saw her “pink pill” bulllshit on my recommendations list on Youtube. The black whores are desperate now, you’ve got the Ape looking beast comedian Leslie “Lester” Jones on social media crying about how she can’t find man.”

These are comments from other black men who are, to their chagrin, revealing their real fears. The fact that blog posts are being created about Pink Pill fabricating what secrets is holds is evidence of that.

It’s time to face facts. There is a contingent of hateful people who are desperately invested in black women as a collective doing better, while simultaneously delighting in you staying on a hamster wheel trying to run to a finish line that keeps moving out of reach.

But while they can lie on their piddly platforms and mock and curse black women, I too have a platform. And for every lie they tell about Pink Pill, I will throw out the truth. To counter these hateful comments, rinse your eyes and brain with the comments from black women who have actually taken the Pink Pill course:

“I’m not even taking this course to get a husband of any race; I will be marrying later this year. I’m just over half way through and have to say it’s worth more than $200 even if you are in a relationship. I’m getting instruction on how to navigate in this world, in the work place, socially etc. Thank you thank you thank you. I’m ready to correct my behaviour and get different results socially and economically. You’re giving me information my mom couldn’t tell me because she didn’t know and my colleagues didn’t share with me because I wasn’t in their networks.

Ebony M.

“The course has opened my eyes to a different environment I actually didn’t know it’s existed, it’s providing me with clarity on issues that are normal in the black community and but not quite normal in other environments It’s has helped me to see myself in a different light and what my potential is as a black woman. It’s a perfect course and it’s clears up a lot of misconceptions that as BW we have about our community and ourselves.”


Just a bit of background on me: I grew up in an upper middle class Caribbean household in a predominately white neighborhood. My Jamaican husband and I graduated from college and got married in May.

At first glance, I think most people think I have it all. We both are doing incredibly well financially. Our marriage has been beautiful thus far. We have a 4-month old pomsky named Remi.

However, recently, I’ve been a bit depressed. We moved to Chicago, shortly after our marriage. He and I don’t really have any friends or family here. I am a non-profit consultant and my husband is an investment banker. We work crazy hours and have barely made any friends. I am constantly traveling all around the country and when I’m home, he is often working. While my vocation may seem glamorous, I work the entire time on business trips and I barely see the inside of my hotel room. This job is not living up to my expectations at all. If you mix isolation and dissatisfaction, this brown girl has been down in the dumps. I became a corporate robot and passion has completely left my heart. I don’t feel anymore. I just do. I thought I was going to implode. I took stock of my life and had a come to Jesus moment, the revelation that I must change my life and take ownership of my happiness.

Then, I came across the post about your course. I saw the curriculum and purchased it immediately. I bought this course and breezed right through it. Many of the lessons you taught are exactly the values and lessons that were reinforced in my household. In many ways, your curriculum was my childhood, especially the ‘diversity of thought’ bit. I swear you sound like my mother sometimes. Despite the fact that I’m married to a black man and despite the fact that I was aware of much of this information prior to this course, you have no idea what you have done for me and my mental health. This course helped me return to center and my core values. Your workbook is aiding me in my exercise to redefine and refine myself and my path.

All of this to say, I think every black woman should take this course. Since completing this course, I have been motivated to take care of self and my destiny.

I recently booked a trip for my sister and me in May. She is graduating from Med school in May and we are going to do a European girls trip. My mother is moving to Doha, Qatar in a month. I booked my trip to visit her in April. I renewed my yoga membership. I’ve decided to become a pescatarian. I’m a harpist and my harp(Lola) has been sitting in the corner of our living room, untouched for months! I dusted her last night and I am restringing and tuning her on Sunday. Now, I’m going on super long walks with my puppy. I was outside with him for two hours last night! In this Chicago winter haha!

And most importantly, I’m going to quit my stupid job in March! I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do just yet; but, my husband has agreed to support me emotionally and financially until I can figure it out. I’m thinking of going back to school.

Christelyn doing important work here. It is so vital. Many would assume that I would not take this course, based on the circumstances. However, I can honestly say that I derived tremendous value from this course. You can see how much thought and effort was put into this. This is the first work or content that I have seen that is by black women, for black women, and SOLELY about black women. No one else is doing what you are doing in a way that is accessible to those that really need it. Every black woman and girl NEEDS to take this course.

Dating is not the point of the course; it’s about, for once in your life, focusing on your personal growth through a lens that is unique to the black female experience. It’s about growth, reflection, self-determination, health- physical and mental, etc. It is so deep and so rich.


Black women, it’s time to enter into your power with the knowledge and tactics that others know but don’t want to tell you. Time to take the Pink Pill.


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