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Yet Another Liberal Horse-Poo Article Confirming the Necessity for BWE…

Well the GAT-DL are at it again with their embracing of black boys as the precious and then throwing the responsibility to mammy and mule to young black girls and women. In a recent Huffington Post liberal pile of horse poop, an author named Ise Lyfe makes the argument that yes, school aged black boys are often ratchet, obsessed with expensive sneakers, speak inappropriately about sex and seem to have absolutely no interest in their education, but… get this, it’s NOT their fault. Worse, publicly disciplining them in front of black girls (even when their bad asses deserve it) diminishes them as men and future mates. It makes THE PRECIOUS look bad, and as such, puts the mythical black family at peril.

No…this is not a joke. I only wish this shit was a joke.

Here’s what Lyfe wrote:

They are Black boys, and though Black boys don’t make up the majority of the school population, they are at the front of the popular social order of their school. They have the coolest (or at least the most expensive) shoes and they’re known by everyone. They’re fourth graders but they swear and talk about sex. They know about a lot, except reading, basic math, and self-control. Some are even violent and it is common for adult teachers both male and female to be physically afraid of them. Yes, physically afraid of a fourth grader.

Of course, it isn’t fair to pin these generalizations on every Black boy at the school, but it is applicable to a large enough majority of them to have a general expectation that is unfair, racist, and detrimental to their development — yet tragically accurate.

Okay, looks like he’s admitting that many of today’s little black boys are way off the rails. Good, right? Wrong. So wrong.

Their state of ill-behavior and inability to perform academically is not their fault though. These boys have been birthed into a community under the boot of centuries of oppression and deliberate assault by it’s government. Toppled with a cocktail of horrible or non-existent parenting and dangerous neighborhoods, they are in a state of subconscious and conscious trauma. This trauma manifests in their behavior and is greatly misunderstood and not acknowledged by the school system that measures and judges them.

Well here we go. GAT-DL boilerplate. But wait, you haven’t seen the worst of it yet.

But this article isn’t really about Black boys or their behavior. I’d like to focus on another concern: How Black girls observing the way Black boys are regarded in elementary school impacts their perception of Black boys, thus their relationships with Black men later in life, thus the Black family.

There’s a boatload of studies and statistics that reveal the staggering percentage of Black children growing up without a father in their home. This is another factor in the depth of impact that excessive kicking out of class and negative chastisement has on a Black girl’s perception of Black boys. Without a present and healthy example of a Black man in the home, this little Black girl has no counter narrative to challenge the overt and inadvertent negative message she is being given at school about Black boys.

I propose that what she is learning, or better yet what she is given, is a personal and real time validation of the message that is fed to her through media and society at large:

Black men and boys are naturally monsters. They are untrustworthy, irresponsible, and have no self-control. Black men and boys are undesirable, unreliable, and most obviously — you should have a low expectation for them.

So what, pray tell, does Mr. Lyfe suggest people of authority do to effect discipline upon wayward (and potentially dangerous and even deadly) black boys?

It is important that teachers realize that we are not only preparing our students for their futures in education and careers, but also in their development into fatherhood and motherhood. Every time (yes, every time) we are kicking a Black boy out of class or writing him a referral we are adding to the demise of the Black family. In the inversion of the situation, every time (yes, every time) we struggle with these little brothers, every time we elevate what a great job they are doing, every time we reward them, we are contributing to the revitalization of the Black family.

OH MY GOD. OH. MY. GOD. I just threw up five times. Wait. Six times. This has GOT to be the biggest pile of horse shit I have read in a long time. Really? REALLY? Punish a black boy, destroy the black family??? OMIGORSH!!!! Can not even believe this claptrap made the ethereal and electronic light of day.

Once again, THE PRECIOUS are blameless victims to be coddled and protected and everyone else is to put fingers in ears, close their eyes, and bite their tongues. After all–the black family is at stake!!!!

My very wise friend over yonder at the Facebook fan page, For Black Women ONLY wrote this, and it pretty much sums it up:

Yet another example why mainstream liberalism can be VERY DETRIMENTAL to black women and girls empowerment. Mainstream liberalism will take the “woe is we” approach, promote the victimhood complex among Blacks (especially black men) and push the perceived “needs” of black boys and men ahead of black women and girls. To many of these mainstream liberals, black women should still be resorted to Mammy and Mule status serving the black man or the white woman.

“Liberal” does NOT mean pro-black women. Do not automatically see these people as our allies!

Note that in the article they state that black boys are suspended from school nearly 3x as much as white boys. Note that they casually gloss over the fact that black girls are suspended 4x as much as white girls. However the problem with black boys warranted an article and black girls warranted NO concern!

The author’s only concern was that seeing a black boy suspended from school would warp the black girl’s view of black boys. The article ends with the author’s wish of the black girl patting the black boy on the head and reassuring him of his worth–restoring her role as Mammy early on in life.


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