Lightweight Mineral Foundation – Advanced Mineral Makeup

Mineral foundations are all the rage because they are thought to be more healthy for the skin and provide light coverage along with ingredients that won’t exasperate sensitive skin.  Advanced Mineral Makeup sent along their liquid mineral foundation to test out and here are my thoughts on it:

Color – I ended up having to use the foundation on a coworker because their Caramel shade is less my skin tone and more Eva Longoria.  I generally wear caramel in all makeup lines but this one was way lighter than I could use without looking like the undead so I brought LeAna onboard as my test subject.  So I have to rate the liquid foundation color selection as poor for most black women because the only brown shades are Caramel and Toffee and we see below what Caramel looks like so only Toffee is an option for most brown women and therefore not suitable for all.   The pressed powder and loose powder foundation color options weren’t any better.
LeAna Foundation

Coverage – This is a very lightweight, sheer foundation so great for those who want just a bit of makeup to even things out and already have pretty good skin.

Wearability – LeAna took the foundation with her to Texas when she traveled so she was able to see how it held up in the crisp weather of  Chicago versus the warmth of Texas.  She reported that it held up well and she didn’t feel like she was wearing makeup which is important in warmer months/climates.  This would make a good summer foundation.

Finish–  It dries down to a natural, semi-matte finish.  Easy to apply and blend.

I asked LeAna what she would rate it overall and she said a 6.5 out of 10.  It was lightweight and the color was good for her but she likes more coverage.

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