Los Angeles Meet and Greet: Getrude Matshe and Dr. Misee Harris

Have you ever wanted to write a book but just couldn’t quite get the motivation to get started? Well, your motivation is coming to Los Angeles and other cities that may be near you. Getrude Matshe is taking America and the world by storm with her program How To Write A Book In 40 Hours. Getrude hails from Zimbabwe but lives in New Zealand with her family.

getty 2Getrude Matshe

Getrude created a tried and true formula of getting a book done from concept to publish. About 3 months ago, Getrude challenged 100 people to rise to the challenge and write their books in 40 hours. As one can imagine, there were numerous questions on how this could be done. Four of the 100 plus authors who rose to meet the challenge including yours truly, former bachelorette Dr. Misee Harris and Demita Usher invite you to join them for dinner at a meet and greet on July 29, 2013. Getrude will be talking about her extremely successful books, author mentoring program and invite the public and new authors to attend one of her two workshops being held the next day at a local area venue. Getrude Matshe is so much more than an author and publisher. She is a wife, mother, TED speaker, filmmaker, philanthropist, entrepreneur, Huffington Post writer, and a super enthusiastic life coach. Find out just how easy it is to become a published author. See Getrude Inspires, her website.

Misee Harris headshot 1Dr. Misee Harris

Dr. Misee Harris will talk about her journey to dentist, to model to bachelorette and actress as well as her charity “Project Smile“. And of course her up coming best seller book. Her personal photographer, Carlos Stephenson will be taking photographs so make sure you get a picture with Dr. Harris (and other guests). Fellow Beyond Black and White blogger Demita Usher will be talking about her upcoming book Samurai in Stilettos. That one surely promises to fly off the shelves! Sherri Ziff a Hollywood Life coach will talk about her new book Hollywood Epidemic. Although this is not specifically a swirl event, I’ll be discussing the New Zealand Tour, coaching services and my upcoming books. Our last guest is a surprise, but I’ll give you a hint. She is someone you know! By the way, if you miss Getrude in Los Angeles, you have another opportunity to meet her in Orange County (details to be determined).


LA 40 Hours Authors


So come on out and join us for an informal meet and greet dinner and have fun while you’re at it. We request that all guests patronize the establishment, Home Town Buffet as a courtesy. Register for the workshops on how to become an author; find out what Dr. Harris has been doing as she continues to bring smiles to children around the globe, get motivation from other authors and be inspired! Bonus: Some of you are planning to relocate or go on the tour planned for New Zealand later this year. Bring your questions because Getrude will also talk about being black in New Zealand and possible opportunities there!


Books representedA few of the represented books published and soon to be published.



HomeTown BuffetJuly 29, 2013, We will be dining from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the HomeTown Buffet at 8629 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Westchester, CA 90045 (310) 216-9208. Attendees should be prepared to pay $12.95 for their buffet dinners which includes soft drinks, desserts and tips.




Men are welcomed, but only the first 50 ladies will receive a special gift bag!

Sponsored by Dr. Misee Harris and Project Smile

Project Smile

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