Why I Love Being My Kids’ Mom…

Today we took our family and a lone stowaway (Maxi’s friend) with us to La Jolla Cove. It’s about the most BEAUTIFUL stretch of beach in America, and I’m so damn lucky that I live a mere 55 minutes away from water that looks blue, that I can see my legs in twenty feet out, complete with cliffs, coves and caves. Clo Clo, who is the biggest water baby I’ve ever seen, had a ball boogie boarding…



Combined with the salt water, and her half-arsed attempt to groom her own waist-length hair, we came home tonight and I had to spend an ENTIRE hour detangling that horror whilst watching 101 Dalmatians.

The Boy also had a good time climbing up the cliffs…and out of sight. For a few beats too long. I started to freak because The Boy still can’t swim that well and with those smooth cliff rocks, he could make just one misstep and be in the ocean, sucked in by a riptide and never seen again.


I also love how teenagers are completely obsessed with sex. The gang decided that Maxi Me needed to be buried alive and reformed as a mermaid, and Maxi didn’t think the display could be complete without a sweet set of sand boobs.


Then there’s The Babster, who’s energy TOTALLY justifies my double-scoop gelato on a waffle cone.

la jolla

Thank God I had The Hubster to pick up the slack and keep me from going completely bat guano.


Sheesh. I’m tired as hell. Good thing Mother’s Day is tomorrow so I can sleep AT LEAST till 7.

And to the moms of BB&W, Happy Mother’s Day!!

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