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Love & Marriage Overseas: Three Kids Later, Happy and In Love in Sweden!

I’m LOVING my new Facebook buddy, Scarlet Vicarby, who’s living her dream in Sweden with her hubby and three GOR-GE-OUS girls.


I mean, look at this kid….

I bet you’re wondering how the met.

“I am originally from Los Angeles California but moved to Stockholm Sweden 5 years ago after meeting and falling in love with my Swedish husband while on a cruise vacation in the Caribbean. (That sounds crazy once you write it down). The moment we met, we knew we would be together forever . We celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary in November and we have 3 little girls aged 2.5 years and 14 months old twins.”

Dude, you moved from L.A. to Sweeeeeden??! Scarlet, was this your first interrcail relationship? How did his family receive you?

“Not my first. I’ve always dated white dudes but my husband was my first real european. I was my husbands first interracial relationship. His family is wonderful. They were just happy he found someone … Lol. My mom and dad are deceased, but they knew how I rolled so it wouldn’t have been an issue .”

Scarlet and Jimmy married in 2006.

Her husband, Jimmy is the CEO (uh, yeah, CEO) of iHouse Home Theatre Solutions. OMG, I love seeing my girls living and loving well. Ladies, it’s looking more and more like Swedon is gonna get pretty brown in the coming decades. When you goin? And girls, please do not give up looking for love online, ummmmkay?

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