What the Cuss?

I Love Yoga, But I’ll Keep My Clothes On, Thankyouverymuch!

You guys know I’m a huge advocate of yoga. Yoga has literally transformed my body and my health and I’ve been a faithful follower of yoga for nearly a decade. The health benefits are proven…lowers blood pressure, detoxifies, reduces stress. But I can tell you this, my stress level would go up a few notches if I were to participate in NEKKID yoga. And while I’ve done NEKKID yoga in the comfort of my own home, there’d be no way in the Lord’s wondrous creation that I would PAY to do it in front of 20 other NEKKID strangers. But one New York studio is betting that they’ll be enough people to fill the dojo for yoga-in-the-buff.



Notice how everyone in this picture is pretty trim and fit? Uhm…how in the world is this class going to encourage body acceptance when a person, say, 100 pounds overweight is struggling with the down dog next to the chocolate sister with the chinny buns?

Oh and what about the guys? According to the story, “The studio says that erections during the class do occur, but happen ‘rarely’.” So what does one do when an erection does occur? Just…work through it? And…do we REALLY want to know what that would look like?! I..I…I…

Read the full story here.

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