Loving Movie Sponsors Mixed Race Emojis

Have you noticed there aren’t really any emojis showing combinations of interracial couples? Like…come on! It’s 2016! The marketers of the Loving movie have created some of all kinds of combinations, skin shades, nationalities, and sexual orientation.

From the Loving boilerplate

Richard and Mildred Loving showed us that love is stronger than hate and has the power to spark real change. Inspired by their story, we are debuting emojis that represent many forms of love, including same-sex and interracial. In addition, during election season, we’re encouraging everyone to show that simply conveying love can change the world one state at a time. LOVING, a Focus Features release, opens in select cities November 4 and expands across the country later in November.

While many platforms have added emojis that represent same-sex couples, there are no emojis or options to represent interracial couples. LOVING has teamed up with Twitter to change that and create an emoji that celebrates interracial couples. On Twitter, using the hashtag #VoteLoving, #ThisisLoving or#LovingMovie will automatically populate an interracial loving couple emoji, representing Mildred and Richard Loving.

To build on this, we are launching the LOVE-MOJI App today, which is a keyboard extension that offers a variety of interracial and same-sex couple emoji options! These emojis can be used everywhere — texting, Facebook, email, etc. Download LOVE-MOJI here: For iOS or For Google Play or visit your app store. See all of the emojis here.

Here are a few of our favorites

img_2506 img_4821 img_9481

img_2518img_6100 img_9150


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