Man Candy Monday: Sexy Men Doing Yoga

I must admit, I like a man that is in tune with his body. Athletes and health conscious individuals are more than likely to have what I desire, namely, stamina, strength and an awareness of his body that ensures we will move in unison. Be it while dancing, or maneuvering a crowded street, or making love, there’s nothing like a man who is flexible and capable of balanced movement.



Sexy, long men are also capable of balance and toe pointing. Here’s the proof.


A man capable of doing amazing things with his body as such are all the more apt to get my attention. I wonder what those poses can do in case one find oneself nude.


Flexibility and balance isn’t just a physical requirements, men who follow yoga may have a more open minded and holistic view on life. Less stress, maybe?


And to think, this is considered relaxing, I would pass on the headstand but would enjoy the silhouette and the view of the skyline.



Who doesn’t like tan men? If you are into a man of color, might I remind you, they come in the following flavors, too.


Are you more into the urban type of man? I’ll raise my hand, so this inked and beanie wearing new age beatnik is right up my alley.



I’ll take him and these adorable puppies. I think they’re doing their poses with him. How sweet!


This is what your man is doing on a Saturday morning. You get to sit on the edge of the bed and watch him. Yay!


Strength doesn’t just come from lifting huge scraps of metal, one can also develop killer muscles through yoga. This guy’s legs are giving me all the life I’ll ever need. Even the puppy is impressed.


Calvin Klein is a friend of mine when he’s wrapped around a flexible fellow such as this.


There goes another beautiful man giving me awesome back and calves, I can’t help but to admit, I’m a visual creature. The thought of silently eye flirting with his whole entire being while he does whatever this is called.


Same puppy as previously shown, same awesome sexy guy going about his yoga routine for the betterment of mankind.



The Bae is health conscious and I appreciate that. I’ve been practicing yoga for a few years and he’s kind enough to sit quietly while I stretch. I’ll say he finds my flexibility quite beneficial during certain altercations. There’s nothing like having your lover assist with bending and manipulating your body but if you date guys that do yoga then you already know what I mean.

If you are the type of woman that thinks about fitness but hasn’t yet embarked on that journey I encourage you to come over to the dark side. Sweat, skin and physical exertion are where the cool kids play. And if you haven’t or find no need to lift a healthy finger, you can still eye gaze these hot guys doing yoga while you continue debating that point to ponder.

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