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At-Home Exercises to Tackle Pandemic Pounds

What a year it has been! In one breath, it’s already May, and in another…it’s only May. But one thing has remained pretty common the world over – with all this working from home, we’ve put on some extra weight! With a virus spread by sneeze juice still hanging around, and gyms being pretty gross without a pandemic in the mix, here are four simple exercises you can do from home!


Body Weight Squats

Feel the burn in those thighs and booties as you slowly make your way down into a squat, and squeeze those glutes on the way back up. Try to do five sets of ten, or even more if your knees allow! Modify as needed, by using a wall, a chair, or decreasing the number of sets.

Sit Ups

Work your core by doing sit ups! The season for New Year’s Resolutions may be long gone, but you can still do a fitness challenge! From now until we return to “normal”, how about challenging yourself to do 50 sit ups per day? You’ll definitely feel the burn and reap the results. Not to mention, a strong core does wonders for low back pain, which I’m sure a lot of us have been or will be dealing with, now that working from home is so prevalent!


Ever wanted to slow time to a crawl? Do some planks! Mix things up and challenge yourself to do planks with every commercial break, or as a reward for attending a virtual conference call without having to apologize for speaking while on mute!

Sun Salutations

If you’ve ever wanted to try yoga but don’t like the idea of potentially falling over mid pose in front of the whole studio (a fear of mine), you can try a few poses at home. One great workout is the sun salutation, illustrated below. For extra burn, hold each pose for a little longer!

What exercises have you been trying out? Share your recommendations in the comments below!

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