Why are So Many Black Women Suspicious About White Men?

In my near-decade career blogging about black women in interracial relationships, by far, the group of men black women are the MOST suspicious of are WHITE MEN. But this isn’t the fault of black women.

Black women are told almost from inception to suspicious of ALL white men, and that any interest at all from is for some nefarious reason, or because of a fetish. We are told that white men can never truly love us or understand us, and that they will never put us first. We’re drilled about white men being dangerous predators looking to harm us.

So when we learn that there are white men in the world (a lot more than you think) that actually prefer to date black women, and appreciate them for the uniquely beautiful creatures we are.

But many of you are still suspicious. With all that you’ve heard with generations of conditioning, it’s hard for you to believe. How many black women have turned away potentially meaningful and lasting relationships with white men because of those fears? HOW MUCH TIME HAS BEEN WASTED?

That’s why we created, THE PROS AND CONS: DATING WHITE MEN.

This series came out of your desire for Beyond Black & White to provide REAL examples of the pros and cons of dating men outside of the black community. We started the series with Asian men with much success. Many of the women in our community have had little to no experience dating white men, and are extremely hesitate to engage in relationships. Some of you are downright AFRAID of white men. You’ve bought into the idea that white men would NEVER want a black woman, and that any interest they have in them is purely for nefarious reasons or some kind of fetish.

We interviewed REAL men, from all over the country–from California, to Ohio, to Florida about the PREFERENCE for dating black women, and why. You hear it from their mouths. In addition to the interviews, is my commentary and coaching on the types of men they represent and advice you’ll need in your dating life.

Johnny. Preston. Aaron. Whitney. All successful, educated white men that PREFER dating black women. Their stories, shared PRIVATELY just for registrants.





All the men we interviewed are handsome, accomplished, and PREFER dating black women. They are sharing the REASONS why they have these preference privately with registrants of this program.


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