Matthew Hussey: Five Signs You’re Dating a Toxic Person

Sometimes, we know the person whom we’re dating is wrong for us. That little voice inside tells us something is wrong, and we often second guess it, or outright ignore it. I love the points my friend, Matthew Hussey, has put together. Take a look…


Here’s also my rule: If the man or woman you’re seeing doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, you need to end it. Relationships aren’t supposed to be a constant struggle and a constant hardship. If your partner makes you feel bad more than he makes you feel good, then it’s time to reassess how healthy your relationship is.

If you haven’t yet peeped Matthew Hussey’s online video relationship tutorials, you’re missing out. Like I always say…I wish I’d had this priceless knowledge when I was single…it would have saved me a lot of heartache! Click here to learn more.

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