Matthew Hussey Live Event Gives Female Pickup Lines that Work!

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Matthew Hussey work a room. A very large room, full of adoring women in rapt attention on how this Brit can help them get the man of their dreams.

Matthew is in the midst of a live “Get the Guy” tour that’s part eye-candy, humor, coaching, and sprinkled with more than a few expletives just to keep things interesting. I got a chance to catch up with him during his appearance in downtown Los Angeles.

Matthew covered a lot of things between the six-hour (yes; it was six hours!!) session that delved into three major parts: How to be proactive; how attraction works; and developing core confidence. He calls this, “The Law of Action.”

Being Proactive and Inspiring Attraction

So this was so fun to watch. Matthew selected a shy young woman to come up on the stage to demonstrate how attraction works through body language, touching, and playful banter. I especially loved his laundry list of pick-up lines women can use without appearing intimidating or worse, desperate. Here were some of them:

Suggestion #1: Ask a favor. Matthew gives the example of asking a guy you’ve got your eye on to hold your coat while you bring drinks to your girlfriends across the room. This is a guy’s chance to be gallant, and opens up an opportunity to you and him to have a conversation.

Suggestion #2: Ask his opinion. Example: “My friends and I have been debating on who’s the best superhero of all time. They say Superman. I say it was Mighty Mouse. What do you say?”

Suggestion #3: Make it a game. Matthew gave this example: “My friends and I are trying to guess peoples’ jobs by the way they dress. Are you James Bond?”

Suggestion #4: The dramatic exit. “You look like you’d be really charming, but unfortunately, I don’t have time to find out.” That’s his opening to keep in touch.

All good, right? Creative and actionable. Matthew had tons more, but you should check out his coaching skills for yourself.

The Importance of Confidence

All of those tips will fall flat if you lack the confidence to execute them, Matthew says. “People care too much what people think, which keeps them feeling scared, reserved, and not wanting to take chances.” I totally co-sign. So for shy folks, I’m going to recommend you purchase the book, How to Work a Room.

So if you’re intrigued by what Matthew has to say, at the very least, buy his book, Get the Guy. It’s an easy read and I’ve given it to Maxi Me in hopes she’ll have a better go at the whole dating thing that I did at her age.

If you’re interested in attending Matthew’s remaining live events, click here: Tour 2014 *VIP* – US/CA


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