Me and Maxi Cover the 2015 NYX Face Awards, Skin Care, and GIVEAWAY!

Last Saturday was the fourth annual NYX Face Awards…an event to award one lucky You Tube vlogger $25,000. It’s amazing what these extremely creative and talented people can do. This year, Glam&Gory took away the prize. Here’s one of her video submissions:

Since me and ‘Maxi Me’ have a thing for makeup, we were all over covering this event for Beyond Black & White.

From a social media standpoint, the NYX Face Awards is pretty brilliant. Leveraging the huge audience these vloggers have on You Tube and empowering them to vote for their favorites makes everyone feel like they have a roll in the final success of the candidates.


This year’s NYX Face Awards Winner

Of course, the highlight of the event was the shock, SHOCK!! on everyone’s face when I told them ‘Maxi Me’ was my daughter. The mouths on the floor were priceless.


Here’s a video of the event, and you can skip to about the last three minutes to see the actual party. But…you might not want to do that. The first portion of the video is my skin care routine before I prep for the makeup look you see above. I’m also giving away the two really cool items that I featured in the following video:




Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 8.44.37 AM

I have to say, I’m really excited at the direction NYX Cosmetics is going. They have professional-grade products for really reasonable prices and are soon to open five brick-and-morter stores. This can cause a bit of dissonance at first, because we often associate sky-high cosmetics prices with quality. While there are undoubtedly some amazing premium makeup brands, price doesn’t always dictate quality. I’m going through several NYX Cosmetics items right now that I am LOVING and you’ll be hearing about them soon!

Anyway, like and tweet the video and be automatically entered to win the argan oil and the NYX Cometics Whipped Fouette in ‘Molton Love’ (a true red). Tag me on twitter @Christelyn.

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