Menswear Trend: Rock N Rolla

I have searched high and low, to find some awesome trends for the men that frequent BB&W because of course I do not want to be a sexist and leave you all out of the trendsetting crowd, as if to imply only women want or need to look amazing on the arm of her rainbeau. Let’s keep it real, women like to dress to the nines, but we also like our other half to look just as fabulous.


So with that in mind  and with the  suggestion AND collaboration  of  BBAW member and Irishman @wanderingdreamer, I have put together tougher–than the preppy look– yet elegant inspiration pieces for you guys. I hope these boards will inspire you to update your wardrobe, and move away from the days of baggy pants or Hawaiian shirts and in one member’s case, kilts.  To a better more stylish you fabulous enough to be seen hanging on the arm of your lady love.



Rock N Roll Skater Boy


Rock N ROll Skater boy
Why it Works
This ensemble is fabulous for just going out to the mall or for lunch with your lady love. Although more suitable for cooler you can definitely transition it to spring and summer months by wearing a crew neck or graphic tee. And men, remember this mantra, dark wash jeans are in, dark wash jeans are in. The awesome thing about dark wash jeans is that you can dress them up or down, they are flattering–because he wants to have mom butt? and they are a serious nod toward I am not 18 and immature. So make sure you go out and get you a pair. Everyman should have one in his closet.
Rock n Rolla Bomber Jacket
Why it Works
Brown and gray are just a fabulous fashion combo, even better that black and gray. It tends to be more chic, more euro, more I know to dress and put colors together without looking like I tried too hard. Although, again this ensemble is fabulous for the fall and winter, these awesome boots are great all year round. The ones to the right are reserved for those cool enough to wear boots that looked aged but if you don’t think you can pull off mavericky like a hot rocker walking the streets of London, then lean more towards the shoes to the left. In order to make this outfit work for warmer months, try a long sleeve tee from JCrew or H&M.
Rock n Rolla–Casually Chic
Casually Chic-- Rock n Rolla


Why It Works
This outfit is so effortlessly chic. It reminds me of the stylish men in London in NYC who always look so well put together in a graphic tee, flat front pants and a light weight blazer. This shoes and jewelry complete the ensemble, making it more casual than dressy.  The quirky jewelry gives the mostly black ensemble personality.
I hope you all have learned something new about being fashionable and thank you @wanderingdreamer for helping me find these fabulous pieces.
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