Gender Conflict

MGTOW: The New Outlets for Bitter Males to Bash Black Women

This blog post isn’t necessarily about MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). It’s about some of the members, who circle around the periphery of the movement who make it their business to poison the well and further drag the name and image of black women. Let’s not act like there hasn’t been a segment of black men who love to trash black women to white men, hoping for a pat on the head and a Scooby Snack. These bitter men are using MGTOW as yet another mouthpiece to repeat the false narrative that black women all want thugs in the high point of their beauty and reproductive years, and then go to the “good guys” when they’ve diminished their stock. And because the “good” black men outside of this mess are either neutral or apathetic, it’s again up to us to defend our own honor.

Well, mostly alone; but we do have some good guys calling bullshit:

Now to be clear, I don’t seek the approval of the MGTOW crowd. In fact, I recommend ALL women give these men a wide berth. But I will address the intersection between MGTOW and the sector of bitter black men who bash us, because their wider platform for the poison spread. And to what end? To completely alienate black women from all men, and isolate them from any option outside of what they believe black women are good for–breeding factories, cum dumpsters, and purveyors of the couch in which they play their videos games.

I’m specifically addressing the letter written to “Sandman” by what is most likely a black man:

“Greetings Sandman! Hope you and all MGTOW’s are doing great. I listened to your video “Black Women & White Men” suggested by the user Anonymous Skunk. You spoke about swirling, which is coaxed within the term interracial dating, but with an agenda. Swirling is a term used mostly by educated black women who open their legs to random thugs initially because they figure their golden vagina can change them to husband and father material. When these thugs eventually get their nuts busted and move on to other women, these educated women realize that their vagina was not golden as they thought. All on of a sudden, she gets sick and tired of these so called thugs and now she’s looking for the white knight in shining armor to rescue her, where she can get married and have a happily ever after. She get’s social status points for having a white man as a husband and a bi-racial baby, while giving attitude to black men and saying that they ain’t shit. The term “Black men ain’t shit” was developed by black feminists in the early 70s to corrupt black women and undermine the black man. A you-tuber named David Caroll, who I recommend to Black MGTOW’s and black men as a whole puts it like this, most black women in America today would prefer to be a white man’s side chic that a black man’s wife. I just gave the reason why the television series “Scandal” is watched by so many black women. You will observe this hypergamy in action a lot in Corporate America where educated black women will throw themselves at white men and even Arab men. Most men will have sex with them but that’s about it because they know that most of these black women were on the cock carousel thug style in the past. There is another agenda at work. A lot of these black females are observing how white women, the most privileged class for centuries, are treating their white man like crap. Seeing this and being opportunistic, a lot of black women are sliding in and taking the white woman’s position by being feminine and submissive, while the white woman herself is busy pushing gynocentrism and demonizing men as a whole. White women haven’t caught on as yet, but when they do, I foresee a backlash with men getting caught in the middle. Be warned. You made the point Sandman that Black men usually can hold their ground with Black Women. While this is true, this norm is fading fast. Old school black men were not afraid to check their black woman. Because of black feminism and the introduction of the welfare state, black families started to decline resulting in the single mom boom. Boys who grew up without a father are now subject to the female mindset. When these boys reach adulthood, they think, behave and troubleshoot like women resulting in a crisis in the black community. Today, we have many effeminate black men who are afraid to check black women and even defend them when they do obvious wrong. These new age effeminate black men or simps want to be in the good graces of black women so they would have a chance accessing the golden vagina.

Make no mistake–this letter was written SPECIFICALLY to the non-black sector of MGTOW so that they would join the cacophony of certain black men who have an interest in spreading and perpetuating hatred toward us. They are looking for build an alliance. The outcome didn’t quite come out the way they thought, because Sandman throws massive shade on them, and if you can get through the pseudo-scientific clap trap about grey matter vs. white matter, you can hear it for yourself.

The thing that struck me the most was the cheering of the possibility to black women being put down by men whom they *must* deem as superior to them, otherwise they wouldn’t be bringing their complaints in hopes gain more allies for this absurd gender war.

Here’s my take:

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