Nate Parker, Shonda Rhimes and the Hypocrisy of “We Must Support All Enterprising Black People.”

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People have been asking for my opinion about Nate Parker, and the revelation that he was involved in the date rape of a women –who subsequently committed suicide–when he was in college, and the slurry of “he’s changed, this moving is too important to boycott!” nonsense. Folks were saying that we need to rally behind this man because he’s a black person about his business trying to navigate in a white world. We need to forgive. We need to support each other.

But…but…but…! If anyone has been on social media for any amount of time, there’s a lot of black folks not wanting to support Shonda Rhimes because she wrote a semi- fictional account of a black woman involved with a white man–but not just any white man. A man who holds the highest office in the United States.

Everywhere I looked black folks were on my social media pages asking me why I support Scandal, which depicts a black woman playing second string to a white woman. So many anti-Scandal, anti-Shonda Rhimes posts that you can’t even count them. According to these dudes, Shonda Rhimes is the pioneer of swirling bedwenchery.

Funny. I never saw any articles stating that these critics should support Rhimes “no matter what” because she is black. And let’s not even talk about how they go in on Kerry Washington, who IN REAL LIFE is married to a black man.

Note the contrast.

And, that’s all I’m going to say about Nate Parker and this situation. Because I did a series of videos about how black women should not support Straight Outta Compton and ya’ll made that movie the biggest black people blockbuster of all time.


So I’ll not waste my energy again trying to convince black women that she should stop financing their personal terrorists. You didn’t listen then, and you most likely won’t listen now.

Go make another black man a super rich guy despite his violence toward women. You’re on your own. I’ll just sit this one out.

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