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New Book Presentation: Change Your Mind Change Your Destiny


Change Your Mind Change Your Destiny 


Lakisha A. Watson-Moore


       Unlike other books written for Black women, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Destiny” does not tell Black women that they are supposed to be miserable. It does not talk down to Black women or tell Black women what they are doing wrong. “Change Your Mind, Change Your Destiny” is about Black women living the life they are destined to live – a successful and fulfilling life. Like the popular Bougie Black Girl blog, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Destiny” is direct and to the point. Using her life as an example, the author gives step-by-step ways on how to create goals and use concrete plans to achieve them. If any Black woman wants to change her mind and her destiny within a short period of time, this book is for her.



Book Excerpt:

Let me show you how beautiful you are

People often say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves.” – Salma Hayek

Growing up, I didn’t think I was beautiful. There were times when I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. I had internalized years of being in a negative environment and hearing negative words. I believed every word others said about me. I was told my hair was too nappy, my lips were too big, my ass was too small and of course I was too poor! I am sure you heard it too. Someone told me that I wasn’t smart. Luckily, I knew that was a lie! Sadly, my self-esteem depended on the approval of others. It changed when I saw how awesome I was. Very few people know that even though I am confident today, I overcame tremendous odds to get here. When I realized how far had I come, I shocked myself. I went from being homeless to joining the military and then attending college. Take a look at my background. Statistics show I should have either been dead or stripping but I decided to take ownership of my life. Today, it feels good to look in the mirror and

see that I am beautiful on the inside and out. If I can see how beautiful I am, you should see how beautiful you are too. I am here to tell you that you are beautiful in every single way. Let me show you the beauty I see in you.”




Lakisha A. Watson-Moore is the blogger at She is also a wife, mom, veteran, entrepreneur and public speaker. Known for her advocacy of Black women and her unique entrepreneurial and pop culture take – Lakisha’s blog posts and commentary have been featured on numerous online publications and read world-wide.

Prior to blogging, she was the first African American and woman chair of the Young Democrats of America Veteran’s Caucus. She has advocated for various political organizations, was a political activist for over ten years and was featured in The White House Project and Participant Media’s summit TakePart Series: Women Who Rock. Lakisha’s blog was the 2014 winner of the “Black Weblog Award for Best Business Blog.” She proudly boasts that her blog audience is 85% Black women. The Bougie Black Girl Forum will up on January 1, 2015; she is currently in the process of writing two more books and is working on a possible documentary, date TBD.



Change Your Mind Change Your Destiny Worksheets:



Purchase: Lakisha’s book “Change Your Mind, Change Your Destiny: The lifestyle blueprint for the strategic Black woman who wants to win and master her life” is sold exclusively on

I wrote this book and have my blog because I am motivated by my love for black women. Black women raised me and gave me life. Without Black women saving me, I would not be here. To honor their work and legacy, I choose to uplift, support and love my sisters and my book, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Destiny” does just that.

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